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Welcome to Day 7 of Thriving Daily

Renée Michaud

Mind Body Eating Psychology Coach and Energy Healer

Replay runs till the 31st at midnight PST.

Ending the Cycle of Self Sabotage

about the speaker

Renée Michaud

Mind Body Eating Psychology Coach and Energy Healer

Renée Michaud – Is passionate about helping women ( and men) finally uncover and clear the hidden reasons keeping them stuck cycling in self sabotage in their life with their health, body, weight and food so that they can finally end emotional eating, lose weight and have more energy to start focusing on their dreams instead.

Renée is a skilled Mind-Body Eating Psychology Coach who uses functional nutrition and powerful tools like EFT tapping and Energy Healing to help clients make major shifts and lasting transformation so they can reach their goals and finally unplug from the past struggles and step into a future they love !

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