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Welcome to Day 6 of Thriving Daily

Lisa Taylor

Founder of This Choice Matters

Replay runs till the 31st at midnight PST.

Creating a Spiritual Practice

about the speaker

Lisa Taylor

Founder of This Choice Matters

Lisa Taylor, former news anchor for The Christian Science Monitor and Director of Communications in private education, is now the CEO of This Choice Matters and works as a spiritual practitioner, speaker, and coach. She helps honest seekers who are feeling lost, full of self doubt, and in pain find lives of clarity, consistency, confidence and contribution through a defined daily spiritual practice and a practical understanding of divine law and a newfound ability to hear God’s voice.

She received her Primary Class degree in 1980 from the Massachusetts Metaphysical College and her BA in Business, studied Negotiation at Harvard Law under Roger Fisher and Ethics at the Institute for Global Ethics under Rushworth Kidder. She is an Oracle member of Thought Leader Academy and Sanctum member of The Guild. She lives on an island with her husband of 33 years and their two children live in New York and Los Angeles.

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