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Welcome to Day 2 of Thriving Daily

Donna Kendrick

Financial Planner and Author

Replay runs till the 31st at midnight PST.

Planning Financially for Life Transitions

about the speaker

Donna Kendrick

Financial Planner and Author

Donna Kendrick is from Philadelphia, PA, and the daughter of a Philly firefighter. She is the owner of Sephton Financial where she works as a financial professional helping families in transition. Her practice was created as a result of her own journey into widowhood at the age of 40.

Her practice was created for the person whose tomorrow is very different from their today, whether it be through widowhood, divorce, blended families or a career change. She is the host of the Widow, Wisdom and Wealth podcast and author of, “A Guide to Widowhood: Navigating the First Three Years”, an Amazon Best Seller.

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