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Are you ready to jump into the driver’s seat & execute decisions that propel you toward the life you desire? It’s time to learn how to make confident decisions that get you excited and ready to take the next steps toward your goals.

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Clarity4Action has taken the best of brain science research and created a powerful decision making process that guides you through the nuances of life’s most challenging decisions. This step-by-step method moves you quickly and thoroughly through any situation, keeping you out of the dreaded analysis paralysis and mitigating the regrets and mistakes of decisions made in haste.

Are you ready to feel confident about switching careers or starting a family?

Are you unsure which school you want to attend or if you want to go back for an advanced degree?

Do you take the job across the country even though there is a lot of risk involved?

What’s this method for decision making?

the VIDA method

A science-based method that takes you step-by-step through any decision in a way that is unique and deeply personal to you.


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How will I?

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What would NASA do?

Ask yourself I've been working on this series on the stories we tell ourselves about what things mean in our lives. When we’re stuck in inaction or can’t seem to motivate ourselves it’s simply a symptom pointing to a need for decision inquiry, not something...

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There’s nothing wrong with you

There’s nothing wrong with you

“You've got this!” So often when I’m coaching or teaching, I see symptoms that point to a decision making opportunity – confusion, inaction, frustration, analysis paralysis, and the fear of doing it wrong. Many times I hear Why can’t I take action? I’m not motivated...

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Do you feel behind?

Do you feel behind?

I’m back from my vacation. I feel like I’ve gone fishing and I’m still not ready to be home. You may not be aware, but I’m writing a book about decision making and as I slip back into life I feel like I’m just behind. So often when coaching clients or talking with...

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