Day 12 – Featuring Amy Day and Kristen Jawad

Powerful Strategies to Support the Decision-Maker

Amy Day
Co-founder & Facilitator

Able to translate brainy decision science into common language, Amy brings the power of quality decision making and tools for action to everyday people. Uniquely equipped from childhood as a personal decision making native speaker from the island of Decision Analysis, Amy is the daughter of Jim Matheson, a Decision Analysis pioneer. As a co-founder, Amy teaches these skills to young people, and the adults who care about them, through in-person and online courses and one-on-one decision coaching.

Amy brings a breadth of professional experience in decision education and coaching, K-12 education, volunteer management, outreach, and program and organizational development with the Decision Education Foundation, Youth in Philanthropy, and American Red Cross as well as 19-years in alternative education. Amy is an honors graduate in Economics with a Spanish Literature minor from Whitman College. 


Kristen Jawad
Co-founder & facilitator

Kristen Jawad holds a Master’s degree in curriculum and instruction and has advanced training in compassionate communication, restorative justice, evocative coaching & life coaching. She recognizes the value of emotional fluency and conscious choice to create a life of purpose.

As a BodyMind educator, she believes in the value of understanding how you think, feel and learn. She brings these perspectives to the folks she works with. And as a parent of two emerging adults, she has witnessed the magic that occurs when a person dreams big, believes in themself & takes action.