Decision Parenting Unit 4 – Take Action

Decision Parenting Unit 4 – Take Action

May 14, 2020 Decision Parenting Thoughtful Thursday VIDA Method 0

Unit 4 brings together all you’ve learned in Units 1 – 3 .
You’ve learned the VIDA Method by understanding

  • Values – anchoring your decisions in who you are, what you care about and your strengths
  • my Internal operating system – caring for your emotional well being and being proactive with your Decision Fitness
  • Decision Process – sorting out your decisions and using the decision wheel to make a robust whole-person decision
  • Action – bringing your decision to life in the world and creating a strategy and habits that work for you.

Clarify how you’ll take action on your decision and who will help you get there. Amy explains the Take Action Worksheet.

Need help with staying motivated and hacking your habits? Kristen talks about the time audit, tools for staying motivated, and Habit Hacks.

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Join us live online! This is an invitation to create your own plan & take personal responsibility for living your values in everyday choices. Let’s face it – we can control our personal decisions but not much else. This week’s call is TODAY – Thursday, May 14th at 2:30pm (PST). Replays can be found on our Clarity4Action Facebook page

We are offering this Free Mini-course in Decision Parenting so families can navigate real life with ease during COVID-19 and beyond! It includes practical strategies and tools to implement right away to create a do-able plan, feel a sense of relief, and get more cooperation from your family. Please help us spread the word!

We look forward to serving you! Kristen & Amy