Decision Parenting Unit 3 – Decision Tools

Decision Parenting Unit 3 – Decision Tools

May 7, 2020 Decision Parenting Thoughtful Thursday 0

The VIDA Method whole-person decision making process integrates both your heart and mind and increases your chances of being more satisfied with your decisions and outcomes.

Unit 3 offers Two Great Tools – Sort Yourself Out & the Decision Wheel. Download the Unit 3 Workbook

Doing the Sort Yourself Out exercise focuses your attention on decisions you are facing today and reduce your cognitive load. Watch the instruction video.

The Decision Wheel exercises gives you prompting questions to gain clear steps to understanding:
• Orient on the decision opportunity (Frame – start here)
• Align with your values
• Identify possibilities
• Gather relevant information
• Integrate your heart and mind
• Take action
Each of the six process steps has colored text. The red words may resonate with the heart and the blue with the mind.
Link to the video.

This week think about who could help you understand your choices better.

Happy Thoughtful Thursday! Kristen & Amy