Creating an Interim Plan that Works for My Family

Creating an Interim Plan that Works for My Family

April 16, 2020 Thoughtful Thursday VIDA Method 0

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We have a Free Decision Parenting Mini-course for you so you can navigate real life with ease during COVID-19! 

Think about your family culture. Every choice you make matters. How you set up your space, how you arrange your day, how you talk about successes and failures as a family — every choice can support your goals or work against them. 

  • Join our new Facebook Group where you can access the course Units 1 – 4. Identify your values and strengths, understand Decision Fitness, learn a repeatable decision process, and gain insights into habits and taking action. 
  • Drop in to our weekly Zoom calls/Facebook Live. We meet every Thursday at 2:30pm (thru May 4th) to support you.

Our whole-person decision making course includes practical strategies and tools to implement right away to create a do-able plan, feel a sense of relief, and get more cooperation from your family. 

Do you need help? We’re here for you!
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