Uncover Your Strengths in Times of Uncertainty

Uncover Your Strengths in Times of Uncertainty

April 9, 2020 Thoughtful Thursday VIDA Method 0
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The brain is wired to see things that are wrong… it’s a survival mechanism. Today, we have a great Mindset Hack to help you shift from negativity to creativity.

We can train our brains to see the positive. Instead of being frustrated or overlooking what people actually bring, look for the gems – their human resourcefulness – and how they can best shine, especially during stressful times.

Here’s an exercise you can do yourself. It’s also a wonderful family activity to share everyone’s gems together!

What are my personal strengths?

  • What am I good at, my Strengths? Identify 3 things you’re good at and want to share with others. You can download a set of Strengths Cards.
  • Give a ‘shout out!’ – “I see that you’re really good at _______.” Other people can share the strengths they see in each other. 
  • Notice the Similarities and Differences in your strengths.

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Happy Thoughtful Thursday!

Amy Day & Kristen Jawad – Co-Founders & Decision Educators

* Thanks to Kaitlin Daniel at Learning to Lead for this great strengths resource!