Yelled at Anyone Today?

Yelled at Anyone Today?

April 2, 2020 Thoughtful Thursday VIDA Method 0

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Here are 3 Thoughtful Ways you can take your sanity back – 

  • Connection before Correction. Connect with the human being in front of you and your LOOONG TERM VISION. Parents are actually raising future adults.
  • Learn together as you go. Most parents think they are supposed to fix their kid’s problems & manage their behavior. And all that responsibility falls on the parent which creates frustration and exhaustion. Lead when safety concerns are high, otherwise, make more space for junior team members to step up.
  • Take care of YOU. Don’t neglect to put on your own oxygen mask first! Form your own online support group, talk with a friend, read, etc.

When you feel alive, supported, and connected to life you will be able to connect with your kids in new, more respectful, and mindful ways.You will feel more open to their ideas, and their desire to connect with you. And, this kind of connection is bound to lead to new kinds of solutions.

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Happy Thoughtful Thursday!

Amy Day & Kristen Jawad