Reach 500 Young People with Decision Skills

Reach 500 Young People with Decision Skills

March 27, 2020 Thoughtful Thursday VIDA Method 0

Watch our Video about how we are training 500 Young People in Decision Making skills online. And hear from Luke and his experience.

We have committed to Train 500 Young People Online in Whole-Person Decision Making RIGHT NOW to address the urgent needs of families. 

Here are two thoughtful ways you can help – 

  • Make a donation to Clarity4Action to Train 500 Young People so no one will be turned away for lack of funds.
  • Take a course or sign your student up. We offer Online Decision Making & Life Skills for young people and Decision Parenting courses.

You have real life decisions to make! Find out how we can help – schedule a Free Strategy Session (click the link). Align your decisions with your core values and get personalized support through coaching, classes and special programs. Partner with us.

Happy Thoughtful Thursday!

Amy Day & Kristen Jawad

Co-Founders & Decision Educators –