Emerging Adults & Teens

Emerging Adults & Teens

September 2, 2018 Uncategorized 0

Today, young people are under a great deal of pressure to be successful. Educators, students and parents increasingly recognize the limitations of the scope of traditional school curriculum. Our unique approach bridges essential life skills and the personal development gap. It’s been our experience that most people thrive when they engage in person-centered, no fault, strengths-based coaching. Our approach is a unique blend of heart and mind – integrating the power of intuition and smart decision tools. We have chosen the best from decades of decision science, brain-based learning, design thinking and coaching techniques to provide a powerful process. Our ultimate goal is for them to achieve graduated autonomy through structured sessions & practical application of decision skills.

To create and navigate a fulfilling path can be difficult and anxiety generating. We begin with respectful curiosity and attentively provide the support they require to make life serving choices. Clarity4Action training participants are much better equipped to make decisions that impact all areas of their lives. After working with a coach, our clients develop a deeper understanding of their own values, unique skills and interests, and how to identify the next step, which helps them gain more clarity about their futures.

We help teens & emerging adults through workshops & individual coaching sessions. Many of our conversations focus on:

  • Passion, Purpose & Practice
  • Future Direction and Career Path Pacing
  • Positive Relationships: Friends/Family & Intimate
  • Independence and Individuation
  • Navigating Uncertainty with Grace
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